Iron Man Of Super Foods - The Green Matcha

Iron Man Of Super Foods - The Green Matcha

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Chlorophyll is stored solar energy. You can even call chlorophyll as the green blood of plants which provides human beings with more red blood cells.

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"German nutrition pioneer Halima Neumann claims that chlorophyll is the only nutrient that can transfer stored solar energy from plants to the cells of the human body. Solar energy becomes life energy, Chi, life-force."

The electric green color of Japanese Matcha is due to its high chlorophyll content in it. Matcha being chock full of chlorophyll removes heavy metals like - mercury, lead and others and other harmful chemicals from our bodies.


Japanese Matcha is just 100% pure shade-grown green tea leaves flooded with ridiculous amount of phytonutrients and minerals. It consists of more antioxidants by weight than any food. It is also packed with oodles of amino acids. Hence, Matcha is also called as the Iron Man of super foods, as many researches has revealed multiple advantages of green teaand the potential of this brew in battling diabetes, carcinogens, high blood pressure, obesity, GI distress, and even bad breath.  

Health Benefits Of Chlorophyll in Matcha

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Chlorophyll as Oxygen Carrier and Quick Healer:

Chlorophyll in Matcha acts as a cleanser that helps our body to keep itself healthy. Chlorophyll helps our body in the following ways-

  • It de-acidifies and mineralizes the environment of cells.
  • It helps to restore the acid-base balance.
  • Normalizes the pH-value of our body.
  • Chlorophyll disinfects and supports the immune system.
  • It is an excellent deodorant and removes bad odors.
  • It transports oxygen to the cells and helps with the removal of CO2.
  • Chlorophyll is particularly known as oxygen carrier, blood cleanser and blood builder. Chlorophyll stimulates detoxification and supports the lymphatic system in its functioning.

Already in 1940, the "Journal of Surgery" reported that in more than 1,200 illnesses, chlorophyll provided faster recovery. Viktoras Kulvinskas (co-founder of the Hippocrates Institute, nutrition expert) also emphasized the curative affect of chlorophyll. In his book, Survival in the 21st century, Viktoras Kulvinskas says that there is no quicker and safer way to regulate digestion and to ensure cell regeneration than with chlorophyll.

Protection Against Radioactivity:

Although our body has the capacity to heal itself, in this day and age where there is mounting exposure to harmful radiations, drinking Japanese Matcha helps to support our immune system. Chlorophyll in this green brew has anti-mutagen and anti-carcinogen qualities. Chlorophyll, EGCG and high ORAC values in it help to make free radicals harmless. In addition, the chlorophyll content binds toxic radiation particles and eliminates them, thus, protecting your body is against certain forms of radiation.

Chlorophyll for Detoxification:

As mentioned above Chlorophyll absorbs heavy metals, chemical toxins, odors and radiation and eliminate them. Ordinary green tea brewing involves infusing leaves into the water and at the time of drinking the leaves are thrown away. But in case of Matcha as the tea leaves are ground to a powder, you ingest the whole leaf. Thus you get the wholesome goodness of chlorophyll content which is many times higher than in other green teas.

So, grab a Japanese Matcha today to reap all the advantages of Chlorophyll content in it.

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