Carbohydrate Replacement Supplements

Purchasing Carb Replacement Supplements from NRG Sports Nutrition guarantees you the greatest selection of top brands, best prices and quality supplements to FUEL YOUR FIRE! Whether it be in the gym, on the track or on the court NRG Sports Nutrition has the supplements you need to enhance your gains.

Carbohydrate replacement supplements help to refuel your body after strenuous workouts by replacing the lost glycogen stores used in physcial activity. Used correctly, carbohydrate replacement supplements are a great addition to your supplement and diet plan. 

Carbohydrates are digested at varying rates in the body and are measured on the glycemic index. The higher rating a carbohydrate has on the glycemic index the faster it is digested by the body. Carbohydrates and Insulin have a direct correlation with one another. Whenever Carbohydrates are consumed the body in turn releases Insulin. Insulin is considered to be an Anabolic Hormone and is absolutely essential for those looking to increase endurance and build muscle, strength and recovery from workouts. 

Since Carbohydrates are digested at different rates in the body, it is important to identify your goals to achieve maximum benefit. If your workouts are primarily focused on short bursts with lots of intensity you will look for a require a quick digesting Carbohydrate to fuel your workout. A slower digesting Carbohydrate is perfect for those that require a prolonged, steady release of Insulin to prevent muscle breakdown and rapid onset of fatigue while training.

Carbohydrates are initially broken down into glucose which makes them the preferred source of energy for working muscles and the brain. If the body receives too many Carbohydrates, the excess glycogen is stored within the liver and muscle tissue for use at a later time. When the body needs energy it can break down this stored glycogen reserve for use later on.

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