Importance of Antioxidants in our daily life

Importance of Antioxidants in our daily life

Nov 25, 2009 • By

Can you really imagine that antioxidant is works for your immune? Yes you can easily protect your weak immune system with antioxidants and also antioxidants are known as minerals, vitamins, and different nutrients that easily repair and protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. They can also interfere with your immune system and antioxidants assists keep your immune system healthier.

Fruits and vegetables is a type of super foods contain immune-boosting antioxidants and these can making you better able to ward off with some infections like colds, flu and others. The super foods of any kind will must improve health and you want to add these in your diet.

You can eat many foods that contain high levels of antioxidants includes blueberries, strawberries, black berries and raspberries are all a perfect choices for your good health. Green and white teas are also very helpful because it also contain high levels of antioxidants.

There are several types of foods are higher in antioxidants than other foods. Vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene are three major antioxidant vitamins. You will find them in red, purple, orange, yellow and blue colorful vegetable or fruits. If you want to get some highest advantages of antioxidants so eat these raw foods.

• Vitamin E: Carrots, Broccoli, mustard chard, and pumpkin, red peppers, mangoes, turnip greens, nuts, papaya, sunflower seeds and spinach, .

• Vitamin C: Grapefruit, kale, honeydew, mangoes, kiwi, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Berries, cauliflower, nectarines, cantaloupe, red, green or yellow peppers, snow peas, orange, papaya, tomatoes, strawberries, and sweet potato.

• Beta-carotene: Broccoli, asparagus, Apricots, beets, cantaloupe, corn, carrots, kale, mangoes, green peppers, turnip and peaches, nectarines, pink grapefruit, collard greens, sweet potato, pumpkin, tangerines, watermelon, tomatoes, spinach, and squash.

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