The Benefits Of L-Lysine Hydrochloride

The Benefits Of L-Lysine Hydrochloride

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L-Lysine hydrochloride(C6H15ClN2O2) is an essential free-form amino acid and is one of the 20 most common natural amino acids that the body needs for growth and tissue health. This acid is especially good for helping the body fully absorb calcium as well as reducing thesymptoms of herpes simplex infections. It can also be taken to treat common mouth, sores such as canker sores, and other infections. L-lysine HCl is a molecular form of lysine that is more soluble and easier to digest.

Purity and Concentration
This pharmaceutical-grade amino acid contains no fillers, taste additives or anti-caking agents. This is the hydrochloride form of L-lysine. Hydrochloric acid, a naturally occurring stomach acid, helps break up fats and proteins for quicker digestion in the small intestine and makes the absorption of nutrients through the walls of the intestines easier.

Health Benefits
Like all amino acids, lysine primarily acts and functions as a building block for proteins. It's also a key player in the production of various enzymes, hormones and antibodies and plays a major role in calcium absorption. When works with other essential amino acids, L-lysine HCl can maintain the body's store of nitrogen and is found many sports and bodybuildingsupplements. Bodybuilder, weightlifters and other strength athletes are also using L-lysine in their training regimens because of its role in developing muscle protein.

Lysine is needed to produce carnitine, another amino acid which helps to convert fatty acids into energy. It is also a vital amino acid for growth. The most well-known use for lysine hydrochloride is as an effective treatment for the herpes simplex virus. This virus manifests with painful sores of the mouth, commonly referred to as cold sores. It is believed that lysine helps control these conditions by inhibiting the strength of another amino acid, arginine, which can contribute to the appearance of cold sores. Lysine hydrochloride works to inhibit the production of the herpes simplex virus by slowing, if not eliminating, the effects of the virus.

Food Resources
L-lysine hydrochloride(CAS number 657-27-2 ) helps produce antibodies, assists in proper tissue growth and is needed for synthesizing proteins. Good sources of lysine are foods rich in protein including meat (specifically red meat, pork, and poultry), cheese (particularly parmesan), certain fish (such as cod and sardines), nuts, eggs, brewer's yeast, legumes, soybeans (particularly tofu, isolated soy protein, and defatted soybean flour), spirulina and fenugreek seed.

The soy-based products are particularly beneficial to vegetarians, who may find it hard to get lysine from their diets since vegetables are generally a poor source of lysine, with the exception of legumes (beans, peas, lentils).

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