Grapefruit is a Great Food to Ingest for HMB and Muscle Growth

Grapefruit is a Great Food to Ingest for HMB and Muscle Growth

Jan 11, 2013 • By

As we all know, regular consumption of foods of the earth will benefit our bodies in positive ways for decades. Fruit helps to satisfy the sweet tooth in us, while providing organic nutrition to human cells. Vegetables of the earth also provide good solid nutrition to the human body when regularly consumed, mostly in its raw state. In overall, eating fruits and vegetables will not only help to preserve your health for years to come, but also, regular consumption of a particular fruit called grapefruit will help to satisfy carb binges, in addition to eating for natural muscle growth development.

What is grapefruit? It's an oversized fruit that somewhat looks and feels like an orange. The one thing a lot of people don't know about great fruit is that it contains a certain amino acid which is good for natural muscle growth. What exactly is that amino acid? It's an amino acid called HMB. In the world of fitness and bodybuilding, HMB is better known as "beta hydroxymethyl butyrate." This amino acid purpose is to help build up natural muscle in the human body when consumed from natural foods of the earth. Grapefruit is a wonderful source of HMB as well as consumption of catfish, which also has decent amounts of HMB in it. If you put together a small healthy meal consisting of nothing more but seasoned catfish and sliced grapefruit, not only do you get an adequate amount of protein ingested into your body from eating fish, but you also get an adequate amount of HMB from eating fish plus the grapefruit. Not only does HMB help to build up lean muscle tissue in the human body, but it also acts as a protein breakdown suppressor. For those who don't know, when HMB acts as a protein breakdown suppressor after ingesting it into the body, HMB helps to preserve lean muscle tissue longer. Pretty much in a nutshell, that's the purpose of this particular amino acid.

HMB is available to be acquired in pill form. It's also good to take in pill form as a supplement, in addition to regular consumption of cat fish and grapefruit. Your workouts at your local gym or in your home gym will greatly increase after ingesting this amino acid from food and or supplementation. The good thing about taking HMB whether it be from supplementing it from eating food is that your body cannot get enough of this amino acid. With that said, there's virtually no reason to cycle HMB. It to naturally occurring amino acid found in these foods which your body needs daily. Ingesting HMB from food plus supplementation is recommended as it will help you retain lean muscle tissue potentially in your senior years. In addition to taking HMB from supplementation and eating food, it's recommended that you perform a search in your favorite search engine for more information on what other foods of the earth naturally contain [beta hydroxymethyl butyrate]. As there are more foods naturally of the earth containing this wonderful amino acid, it's recommended if you haven't already done so to purchase a juicing machine and start juicing your fruits and vegetables. This way, your body will be able to in just raw nutrients and in times from unprocessed fruits and vegetables, which will also provide the necessary vitamins and macronutrients to your human muscle tissue, tus, increasing natural energy levels and natural muscular development.

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