Advantages and Disadvantages of L-carnitine weight loss

Advantages and Disadvantages of L-carnitine weight loss

Sep 16, 2011 • By

With the ever increasing number of people suffering from obesity, there has been a huge rise in the selling of quick weight loss products. Markets today are flooded with various weight loss products which includes non-fat dairy products, zero-sugar sodas, cholesterol free cooking oils and drinks with L-carnitine. Out of all these products that help in reducing fats in the body, L- carnitine weight loss is one of the best method to treat weight loss. L-carnitine is an amino acid that is responsible for breaking down calories present in the body. However, its main goal is to standardize fat burning process by channelizing the series of fats in the body into the cells called mitochondria. This is the most important function because no matter how much exercise you do, these fats cannot be burned unless they will be channelized to mitochondria. L-carnitine is a proven method and it is very effective body supplement in losing weight and that is the reason it is added to health drinks and it is essential ingredient of weight loss or slimming pills. You can also find this supplement in foods like protein-rich red meat, animal products, chicken, turkey, and dairy products such as milk. If you take proper intake of amino acids such as and methionine, vitamins B and C, niacin, and iron, your body can alsoproduce some L-carnitine. On the other hand, if you don't take these essential nutrients that can result in lower carnitine levels and also it will be very difficult for you to shed those extra pounds. L-carnitine weight loss is the trusted method of adequately losing weight and also this provides you even more benefits-

  1. This supplement helps in preventing fat build up around the heart and liver.
  2. It also helps to improves muscle strength
  3. People who experience a lot of body pain will be relieved with decreased muscular fatigue
  4. It also reduces levels of triglycerides in the body
  5. With help of this supplement, you will get rid of irritability and nervousness
  6. Regular use of this supplement will help you in increasing energy though it suppresses appetite
  7. It will helpful in preventing diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and liver diseases

With all the above motioned benefit you can gain a lot of benefits with L-carnitine. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages as well that come with this that you need to be very well aware of.

  1. There are chances that you might experience low energy levels
  2. A lot of people who use this medication have witnessed cramps
  3. There are chances that you might get acquainted to diabetes
  4. It can also lead to heart Disease
  5. Alzheimer's Disease

Whenever you choose to take L-carnitine weight loss, make sure that you consult your doctor ones. It is important to make sure that whatever you are going to take should suit your body. Also, make sure that you buy L-carnitine from a reliable store so that you don't end up buying the false one and waste your money.

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