Deficiency Of Essential Amino Acids

Deficiency Of Essential Amino Acids

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We generally say that Non veg foods are quality proteins containing all nine Essential amino acids.Then you will say why not Non-Veg: But looking at surrounding factors like
1) Cost,
2) Commercial production(Use of steroids in developing animals),
3) Pollution(Water pollution affecting fish etc.),
4) Preparation Methods (Use of microwave radiation for cooking which distorts the molecular structures of proteins.
Factors 2,3 & 4 affects the quality & digesstively & assimilation in the body.
Already the non veg proteins are not easy to digest & assimilate by nature.We also need to take special precautions to preserves non veg food.Also due to global warmingfood scarcity there is a campaign for avoiding non veg & getting converted to be veg which is also suppose to be healthy.
In India due to religious factor Non veg is eaten sparingly.We mostly depend on veg food.
In veg food milk is allowed but unused or misused (in team and coffee).Non other thancereals, pulses and dals gives us proteins that too of low quality individually.

Our body is made up of twenty two amino acids. Amino acids can not be stored in the body and daily needs is fulfilled through diet only. Body needs nine amino acids which are termed asessential amino acids. Other thirteen amino acids can be synthesized by our body in presence of nine essential amino acids.
It looks easy to consume only nine instead of twenty two. But we miss just one and two respectively in pulses and cereals. A set of six amino acids is common in both cereals and pulses.
Methionine is available in cereals but deficient in pulses. Lysine and threonine are present in pulses but absent in cereals.
This way it seems clear that we have to combine cereals with pulses.
Here note the point that our diet is mostly cereal based. We have to eat pulses at least 60 to 75 gms per day. i.e. three medium katories of thick cooked dal. (Which doesn't spreads when placed in a dish). We eat 3 to 4 times in a day and in that only 1 or 2 times we have pulses that too thin in nature.We eat only 20 to 25 grams of dal instead of 60 to 75 grams.
Thus our diet lacks in two essential amino acids 1) Lysine and 2) Threonine.

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